About Pelonkey

To know about Pelonkey, you have to first understand our founder, DJ Neekola.

Neekola was a former IT specialist, turned international full-time DJ and producer!  She lives the dream of doing what she loves, and earning her living.  

However, she found some real issues performing as a freelance entertainer -- from both the event planning side, and as a creative...

Things like -- how to event planners get access to REAL professionals?  How do they know how much to pay?

How do performers price themselves?  How can performers manage all of their day to day business, while also maintaining the most important aspect -- their art?

How do you bring transparency to entertainment booking?

Where can performers and event planners alike get access to people who can help them, but also care about them as well?  Not just good customer service -- but actually really care about their event...care about the entertainers career...care about people in general?  It's a tough industry....

Well..she had a hard time answering all of those questions, so she decided to create her own solution through technology, and the many contacts she gained throughout her 11 year career as an international DJ.  PELONKEY!

With Pelonkey, you not only get great customer service and transparent access to the best entertainment as an event planner, but you can also trust us as an entertainer...because we are here because we have lived the same story as you.  If you have what it takes to be successful in this industry, our team will give you the tools to become stable, and get more opportunities - we are your partner!



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