Tier II PelonkStar

   Tier II PelonkStar

Classic sounds and vivacious beats

DJ CYD has made a reputation for herself, primarily, by being versatile. CYD has experience DJ'ing for an array of events ranging from exclusive club venues, to posh private events, high-end fashion shows, underground deep house parties, and even throwback hip hop parties. 

Formerly known as DJ Charity, CYD is passionate about music, and is a highly demanded Washington, D.C. based DJ. Her energetic open-format style showcases her vast experience in music, and has received enthusiastic endorsements from notable clients, including [but not limited to] Nike, Under Armour, Superdry, DKNY, Tory Burch, Lamborghini & Maserati. 

DJ CYD's current residencies are at Tropicalia, 14-Forty and Fig & Olive. CYD is the official DJ of the Clio Award Show in New York City. CYD's deep connection to music has even led her as far as Aruba for Love Festival, where she debuted her house music showcase. CYD is currently the Regional Director in the Washington, DC area for the House Music Awards, which in turn opened the doors for her to perform at the renowned house music venue, Echostage, for Budlight. 

With an 8-year tenure under her belt and an abundantly successful record of friendliness, professionalism and vibrance, there are not many DJs- male or female- that can keep up with the sound CYD puts out from the DJ booth!


DJ CYD HEAD SHOT 2016.jpeg