DJ Phlipz

   Tier III PelonkCeleb

   Tier III PelonkCeleb

"Let The Music Diffuse All The Tension" - Nas

What’s your poison? Hip Hop? House? Classics? Reggae? The evolution of a DJ can be seen through the eyes of Virginia’s own DJ Phlipz. With an unmistakable style and unforgettable turntable flair, his domination of the sound system will have you off your seat and on the floor all night long. This Northern VA native has help put DC’s DJ scene on the map by providing a wide range of specialties towards his craft, whether it is mixing the hottest tracks out, making his own remixes and edits, or providing the visuals for a unique music video set. Music by everyone and for everyone, no genre is safe from DJ Phlipz’s inspiration and no one will be able to resist shaking what God gave them when he takes over the DJ booth and fills the club with his distinct beats. He is able play to a wide range of audiences, whether it is the Top 40 radio crowd, the international EDM crowd, or the always fickle DC hip-hop crowd, and he has shown time and time again that he can provide a diverse look into the world of club music. 

With his hard work, he has been able to secure gigs and DJ with numerous artists over the years, including The Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Robin Thicke, Fatman Scoop, Dev, Far East Movement, and Hypercrush. Some of his previous clients include The Washington Post, Jameson, Hennesy, MGM Grand, Intermix, Under Armour, EA Sports, PUMA, Express, to name a few. His remixes, edits, and videos can be heard all over the world in the biggest clubs to the smallest lounges. His DJ edits can also be found on the best DJ websites including Direct Music ServiceClubKillersCrooklyn ClanDJ CityMy MP3 Pool and VideoToolz.

Check out more mixes that are not available on this site at DJ Phlipz's Official Mixtape page, PHLIPZ IN THE MIX.

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                                    DJ PHLIPZ at Opera Nightclub

                          DJ PHLIPZ at The Newseum- NYE, 2016

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He was absolutely amazing, our dance floor was packed the entire night — and even at the end they were chanting for him to play one more song!!
— Lisa- Wedding Wire
...Our guests LOVED him, as evidenced by everyone dancing their butts off and having the best time!
— Jane- Wedding Wire
Chris was INCREDIBLE. He DJ’d our wedding this summer on the NIGHT HE HAD A BABY! His commitment and professionalism is unmatched.
— Cate- Wedding Wire