DrexFactor POI

      Tier II PelonkStar

      Tier II PelonkStar

Ben Drexler

DrexFactor Poi (Ben Drexler) is a world-renowned fire performer and instructor who has wowed audiences on three different continents with his unique blend of dance, geometry, and pure adrenaline. A master at the ancient art of Fire Poi Spinning, he's performed at a diverse and stunning array of events for clients such as the Smithsonian, Exxon-Mobile, and Floydfest while pushing the boundaries of dance and stage as a member of the Contradiction Dance Company and Revolutionary Motion Fire Arts troupe.

Drex's unique blend of virtuosity, musicality, and tireless reinvention have earned him unparalleled recognition and respect in the pantheon of fire performers. He is the only artist to have been voted among the Top 10 Poi Spinners in the world every year the list has been compiled.

Equally at home entertaining a small audience in a club with LEDs as he is wowing an audience of thousands with his impressive displays of fire artistry, Drex will be the spark that ignites any event and gives your audience something exciting and unexpected that they'll be talking about long afterwards.