DJ Nightcraft

Fresh Talent Tier I

Fresh Talent

Tier I


Nightcraft started out in 2011 as DJ Sui Generis. Listening to DJs throughout the college parties he frequented, he thought... “Hey, I can do better!” So he challenged himself, bought some equipment, and soon, he was doing better all over campus by being the DJ people came to see, rocking out to Top 40, Hip-Hop, Old School and more at local events.  His passion grew for DJing during his time in Copenhagen, where he got a taste for the international EDM nightlife...and soon he upgraded his music collection, and his DJ equipment to the latest and greatest as well.  When he returned to the USA, he landed some great gigs in hot Atlanta bars such as Moondogs, Flip Flops and Opera...and then upon his move to DC, he's been spotted at some hot spots such as Oz on New Years Eve, Teddy on New Years Day, Zeba Bar, and Tropicalia.


Now he's working the private circuit, as his friendly demeanor, timeliness and professionalism have really earned him his wings. He's an official Pelonkey up-and-coming DJ for 2017!


DJ Sui Generis came through in the clutch! The DJ we had initially booked for New Years Eve had to cancel last minute, leaving my restaurant without any jams for a private party! I reached out to Pelonkey for SOS help, and DJ Sui was recommended to us. On the night of the party, he was very professional and accommodating. The choices of music were great and adapted to the crowd. He even stayed to play a few extra songs for our guests, which was much appreciated by the host. HUGE thank yous to Pelonkey and DJ Sui Generis for coming through in the clutch!
— Ashley Darby, Oz