Room Service Music

     Tier I Fresh Talent 

     Tier I Fresh Talent 

room service music

Room Service Music is more than a's a premium experience. Come and immerse yourself in a pool of sonic Renaissance. Take a journey back in time, or blast into the future with the musical dexterity of this DJ.  Based in The District of Columbia, Room Service Music elevates his events to the highest of plateaus.  His turntable magic can only be described as Room Service Music.  It has been shared with listeners at Wolf Trap, H Street Day Festival, the DOPE movie screening, and, currently, Lincoln and Teddy and the Bully in Downtown DC for brunch.  With a smooth style of spinning that will physically and mentally move you, Room Service Music is your next selection. Because, when life is grand, Room Service Music makes it even better.

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"Good Times!"- Room Service Music

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