Tommy McFly

   Tier IV PelonkCeleb

   Tier IV PelonkCeleb

host- emcee- commentator- character

If The Washington Post is right –- and Tommy McFLY is the “local Ryan Seacrest” — then he’s the multi-platform voice, anchor and host for the world’s most powerful city and its media ambassador to the rest of the nation.

It is Tommy's unique blend of social responsibility and community engagement — and peerless ability to connect with people — that has even received the notice of the White House. During the 2013 Inaugural festivities, Tommy was tapped as the emcee of the President’s National Day of Service on the National Mall. For the past four years, he has also served as the official emcee for the National Christmas Tree Lighting Pre-Show. And for four years running he’s emceed the White House Easter Egg Roll, which annually brings together Hollywood stars, chart-toping music talent, and 30,000 citizens from across the country.

He is, as Cathy Alter of The Washington Post Magazine called him, “a prince of DC media.” But the better title might just be D.C.’s most sought after, trusted performer and friend.

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Yes, of course.. You’re the DJ.
— Barack Obama- 44th President of the United States